Stories From The Heart ~ 21st September 2016


This week, cynthia joins us to talk about her experiences and her story of how she got to where she is – and indeed where she is status-wise with the system.    Inter Vivos will is part of her very interesting journey.

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bio brief –

cynthia was “conceived” at the Grand Canyon to beverly and harold on their honeymoon summer 1966.
cynthia’s “chart’ is “Manifester”
She lived in Alexandria until around age 8 when clan\tribe moved to Rappahannock County in the country.
Around 1980 she ran a custom chocolates business with financial start-up help from her mother which was soo successful that she accepted a stop to her allowance and was able to maintain the business with ‘profits’ for three years at which time the parents of the students in high school had her ‘shut down’ due to concerns of their children’s ‘milk money’ or ‘lunch money’ being spent on chocolate bars and chocolates.  Through this cynthia was self taught on spread sheet, Lotus 123, word processing, Word Perfect, desktop publishing, Page Maker, as well as various business functions and applications such as packaging, labeling, creating forms such as order forms, sales, marketing, basic accounting, etc.  The business was a ‘one man’ operation with ‘silent partner’ for start-up finance.
Upon closing of the custom chocolates business while in high school she then was hired by her mother to assist with home based business as assistant to Partner, primary contract project being Scholastic educational database development for high school and college level.  As a result cynthia learned of database field, form, and report design, data quality control, and creating filters using dBase III and dBase IV.  She also assisted with workshop preparation, setup, and packing as well as workshop assistant helping participants turn on their computer, use floppy disk, work the primary software, etc.
Following three years with Targeted Learning Corporation and Scholastic contract project she turned to ‘temping’ combined with retail then ‘up the ladder’ again to finally working with home based business professionals as a consultant\contractor.
Through her years ‘temping’ she discovered the grave implications of “bond” and much later, more recently in the past four years, the implications of “bail bond” with court\jail.  All of this in a fashion ‘validated’ or ‘verifies’ that the STATE and COMPANIES consider ‘us’ to STILL being their ‘slaves’ just not ‘out in the open’ as it used to be.
She also has been a business consultant focusing on marketing, operations, and technology.
Ever since she first got “Driver’s License” she has ‘felt’ that something was ‘wrong’ and went through a few of her own ‘mis-adventures’ being a die hard ‘independent’ (now no longer liking the ‘term’ ‘in-de-pend-ent’) and possibly the 100% Scottish on her father’s side and mixed German\Welsh on her mother’s side.  In the recent four years cynthia has followed “bread crumbs” along a curious ‘path’ that has garnered a form of “hands off” from ‘policy keepers’ and ‘sheriffs’ and still ‘in process’ in pursuit of that “genuine free from the dome” but feels that she is quite close.
This site is a means for her to share with those that are with pure heart and honest mind not to abuse the concepts and overall ‘process’ but have a genuine wish and desire to not only be ‘with peace’ but also help others rather than harm towards bringing this planet and all back into harmony with life not death and peace not war – preference for gifting and ‘fair trade’ over greed, power, and control.
Separately but related she has had a number of various psychic experiences through out her life usually ‘one of’ including but not limited to time manipulation, time and space astral travel, manifesting (two or more experiences), lucid dreaming, empathy (natural empath), telepathy (few counts more recent), and “seeing” the fairy dimension as well as one time with a guide traveling what some might call fifth dimension, and others.
Although she does not “want” ‘money’ it is a necessity for life as such all gifts are appreciated.  Non “money” items happily accepted as well.
Please send check\money “order” made out to
cynthia / HUNTER-SHUPE
General Delivery
Frederick Maryland 21701
* Boycotting
— Paypal due to multiple counts of blocking various grassroots positive\good projects and activities and blocking refunds, and more.
— All “Google” for the company’s attempts at owning dna, and other lesser and of equal serious rights and life threats overall.

web sites –


Conversation or Speech Outline
1) “Truth and Freedom Movement”
biography outline brief

A. work at sodexo – first hand witness to perpetuation to the feudalistic system
B  free to travel focus
C  various groups and people learned from – reference “credits” page on
D   rabbit holes – gnostic and natural law focus, no longer fiction or legal
E   Studies and Actions taken and results –
2009 – all legal separate from religious deed poll
2013 will,
2014 will and money,
2015 will and trust
2016 will and trust with deed poll – all “counter deed” – All Hallowes Eve
all private with one exception (eric phelps and roark reference – dismissed)
F  What Others are doing with success specific to “court” – ‘hear say’ from others


+ Definition to “counter deed” – any search engine (NOT Google)
+ Definitions – rescind, revoke, cancel
+ Definition – “will” being any action by one’s hand
+ Notary Handbook  that references “Holographic Will”
Does not require any signature nor notary nor witness, rather solely under
Divine or “god” any name or form as Witness
+ George Washington’s Last Will and Testament – last two paragraphs the will

Anarchy (self governance) vs Mind control Mob rule “politics”
+ Lysander Spooner publications, author I think is now dead
+ David Merryl (spelling)
+ Stefan Molyneux
+ Larken Rose

Natural Law

+ Vattel’s “Law of Nations” only pretext or forward and First Chapter, not past first chapter
+ Mark Passion’s “What on Earth is Happening”

Ancient traditions call for newcomers to introduce them self and self identify
Self ruling men\womb create their own as “Men of Letters” not ‘registering’
nor “STATE” issued “id” – yet can be held as form of communication for
‘them’ to correct your own mistakes or bad takes and theirs
All is “copyright” and “trademark” – e.g. Zip code is in fact Trademarked while
“rural route” is ‘free’ and without entrapment

+ The Two Faces of Debt (available on internet for free as pdf)
+ Modern Money Mechanics (available on internet for free as pdf)
+ My Private Audio – – extensive study in legal and fiction
land, if you find anything specific to natural law or lawful let me know

+++ My direct contact is
given.cynthia denotes that my lawful given name is cynthia
separate lawful honorary name unto one’s mother’s father
is claire though his honorary name was spelled clarie

Many thanks – love for all life


Additional info from cynthia:

for those serious students that are not aware of alfred adask and his “man or other animal” research and court case “win” on this alone, separate from robb ryder’s “win” with IRS on similar soul or spirit standing without legal or fiction – 



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