Stories From The Heart ~ 1st February 2017


Where are we going?

Where are we going? Where have we been?
Is this all “real”, or is it a dream?
What is the purpose, which path shall I pick?
Is what I see genuine, or is it a trick??

Some days I’m all lost and feel such a mess,
All jumbled up, feeling all stressed.
But I move on and rally, I get positive,
Because I know – I’ve got good reason to live!

I focus on my visions, my knowing and truth.
Focusing on inflowment stops me being aloof!
I see our Earth Mother, I feel her Love.
I know in my heart she has so much to give.

So, why are we here? I’m not sure that I know.
But I am enjoying continuing to grow.
I love my life, my self and my friends.
Excitement and deep loving sure knows no ends!!

Well, do you know? And, do you enjoy your life. Do you choose Love?
Call in and share with us.

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