Celebration of AmaTruth ~ 12th April 2017

For AmaTruth


Yesterday, our sister AmaTruth/Iris/Truth/Amarai passed over after a truck hit her while she was riding her bike near Safford, Arizona.

Today, we acknowledged her as a living being and her connection to us all.

Download, or Listen to the Recording HERE



2 thoughts on “Celebration of AmaTruth ~ 12th April 2017

  1. Just found out today about beautiful Iris’ passing back into Spirit. Just want to share the knowing that was given in Spirit in the moments of sending Love to her this morning. She chose to go. And the rememberance of being together going to a festival in the fall and walking by a tree so incredibly beautiful and old and rich in color and dignity. And we both stopped and shared all that beauty in just a few moments. And the wisdom given today is that in every moment we are and every moment we are sharing with an other is eternal – every moment full, complete, whole – nothing missing. And in every eternal moment just be grateful for it all – that’s LOVE. So thank you Iris for all moments shared with you.. And they are forever . Thank you for your gift that was and will always be you.

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    • Thank you for sharing this Michael and Kathleen.
      Indeed, Iris connected with many.
      I believe also that she chose to go. She had some higher purpose, and is now flying free.
      Love all ways ❤


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