What is your purpose? How do you enhance your life? Listen to your heart, and move into your perfect inflowment. Love yourself, love humanity. Find yourself in balanced harmonious flow, with respect for all around you. Love All Ways jollygeri

Here at Just Us Radio Network, we present various shows to send out the message to all humanity that we are beautiful, loving, giving, creative beings and it is not our true way to fight. The message here is to help put the human-ness back into humanity. We do this by sharing experiences and information that we feel will help people remember who we really are and to allow humanity to move back into inflowment which is our natural way of being. Peace, Love and Respect to All, All Ways.
Currently, the main show is Stories From the Heart where we share stories of our adventures and experiences as we navigate through this crazy matrix of fiction characters, legal fictions an 2D paperwork.




Knoware = Knowledge and Awareness
Inflowment = Living in balanced, harmonious flow with respect for all around you; flowing in the moment; balanced flow



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