Just Us Radio Shows

Knoware In Time

Knoware In Time is the umbrella title for a variety of shows that broadcast on Awake Radio on Saturday evenings at 10pm US Eastern time. Shows that are included under the Knoware In Time are Inflowment, Walking The Talk With Kurt, One Point of View and The People’s Round Table.
Inflowment is the main show to be presented under this title and in these shows, I talk to people to learn what they are doing to find their way into their own perfect inflowment.

See main page for upcoming shows.

The Indigenous People’s Voice

Doreen Bennett and Mashu White Feather are the hosts. Each week, they bring in guests from Indigenous Tribes from all over the world.

Doreen Bennett Ngati Tuwharetoa, Ngati Raukawa, Te Arawa and Te Wainuiarua. My life’s work is reflected my belief to restore traditional values, beliefs and practices as the basis for our Maori families to forward in today’s world.  My career objective is to add value to Indigenous people through sharing knowledge and experiences. This has been an active part of my work since 2011 establishing a Cherokee and Maori network, international cultural exchanges for your youth and education programs.
Naku tou rourou, Nau toku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi (with your basket and my basket our peoples will strive)
Mashu White Feather of the Chickamauga, Ani Gaduwa Tsalagi (Cherokee) and also Osage. We are Ani Tsisqua (Bird Clan), one of the seven clans that make up the Tsalagi (Cherokee) tribe. I am a retired healthcare professional and have also worked Indigenous education, in the state of Wisconsin, with Baraboo school district and also as Indigenous American Student Advisor at Madison Area Technical College. I also have been lecturing on our people and culture , internationally, for about 45 years.

Doreen and Mashu are Indigenous Consultants for Two Feathers International .


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